The Good, The Bad and The Rebel Flag

Date: July 10, 2015

As a site that claims to celebrate all things Southern, we feel that we must opine on the subject of the Confederate flag; or more aptly, the “Rebel” flag. This is a hotly charged issue if you are a Southerner; one steeped in heritage, tradition and pride, but also in shame, resentment and hurt.

In an attempt to gather my thoughts on the topic, I took to the Internet. What I found surprised and impressed me. The two best commentaries came from Southern Rock stars Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers and Charlie Daniels. Southern musicians have captured the feeling and temperament of the South for over a century and have not failed to do so here.

“If we want to truly honor our Southern forefathers, we should do it by moving on from the symbols and prejudices of their time and building on the diversity, the art and the literary traditions we’ve inherited from them.” ~Patterson Hood
“The Confederate battle flag was a sign of defiance, a sign of pride, a declaration of a geographical area that you were proud to be from.” ~Charlie Daniels

These two gentlemen have very concisely and genuinely expressed how Southerners feel about their state flags, which for the record are not Confederate flags in the true sense, but contain elements of such that are perceived as offensive and are thus divisive. I cannot do the topic any more justice than they have served and thus ask you to read their articles with the knowledge that we could not have said it any better.



One thought on “The Good, The Bad and The Rebel Flag

  • Dorie Swenso says:

    This is a great post. And, I agree there is a lot of tradition and pride that goes along with the flag issue.

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